Best Shisha Flavors for Beginners

What are the best shisha flavors? This question we receive very often. That is why we want to share our experience and thoughts with those who have just started to dive into the shisha world.

Shisha smoking tradition takes its origin from ancient times. Nowadays it represents one of the most popular leisure activities. Thanks to the wide range of great flavors, everyone can opt for its favorite. In our range there are many fruity and unique tastes.

So now is the right time to look at the list of the best shisha flavors for newcomers.

DOUBLE APPLE aka TWO APPLE – one of the best shisha flavor in the world

Double Apple is a classique flavor. Moreover, it is one of the most selling tastes for many-many years. You can hardly find a shisha store where there are no Two Apple. If you have just started your shisha journey, it would be great to begin with it. As to the taste, it is light and delicious fruity.

In addition, this flavor is popular both among beginners and seasoned shisha smokers. Two Apple creates thick smoke clouds and gives a wonderful sweet taste in the mouth.

Another advantage of this particular flavor is that it is perfect for mixes. For example, with Mint or Cherry. Or Vanilla and Peach. Or…or. As usual, there are no limits, you simply need to start experimenting. Saying it another word, discover it! Play with it!

MINT takes the second place among the best shisha flavors

Mint is the best shisha flavor for mixes. It is characterized by a fresh and cold effect. Obviously, one of the most popular for summer time when you are exhausted and tired because of the hot days.

Surprisingly, mint will not be hard strong. We would say it produces a great taste and a refreshing fragrance. Mint belongs to one of the most unique flavors. While this flavor can be added to any other shisha tobacco. Thanks to it, other flavors  gain a chilling note.


During smoking Orange flavor, you will feel an incredible natural taste of oranges. Orange shisha unites a delicious tart of fruits with a solid citrus taste. With Orange you can create numerous different mixes. For instance, with Mint or Apple. Such duets will definitely power on your taste buds.

Orange taste and fragrance are, for sure, incredibly revitalizing, exceptional, and rich. Important to remember not to overheat it. While it can destroy the whole ceremony. And at the end it will get hard taste of burnt citrus.


Beginners say that Grape is the best shisha flavor for them. Because the taste is delicious, the clouds are light. It is smoked smoothly. Incredibly, but lots of people adore its naturality. In other words, you do not feel yourself smoking tobacco, but eating fresh grapes.

Moreover, as with Orange or Two Apple, Grape can be easily mixed with other flavors. In its turn, it will destroy the taste of the other components, but make it richer and more interesting. To get an exceptional shisha summer experience, you should try it with Mint!


Bubble gum – it is something from the childhood. Every person on the Earth remembers this taste. That is why lots of shisha producers have decided to make this flavor. However, we should say that lots of them have failed to create this from one side simple, but difficult taste. In this competition, Al Fakher has won. Al Fakher Bubble Gum is a real masterpiece. Once you have started your smoking session your child memories are again alive. You feel happy and admired. The whole life is still ahead.

This flavor is pretty independent. And do not require any additions. Nevertheless, try something different. Step by step and you can make something amazing. Our SHISHA Team will be waiting for news from your side.  How do you find it with Mint or Peach? Or even Passion Fruit.

BLUEBERRY is the last, but not the least

Blueberry is considered to be in the top five of the best shisha flavors. Smooth, light, solid, fresh and sweet. All these different features are united in one shisha flavor. Rich flavor and dense smoky clouds. While smoking you and the space around are covered by the charming blueberry fragrance. It is perfect for long smoking sessions.

Mix it! We are 100% sure that you will like it with Mint or Two Apple.

To sum up, there is no one single taste that you should begin with. As experienced shisha lovers, we advise to try firstly light and fresh flavors.

If you find our article about the best shisha flavors useful and interesting, please share it with your people. Without doubt, beginners will find lots of useful information.


December 29, 2021

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