Blonde and dark leaf – difference between these tobaccos

If you are here reading this article, you must be a beginner in the hookah world. No worries. We are here for you. After reading this article, you will know as much about tobaccos as experienced hookah lovers know. You will know why blonde leaf tobacco is also called golden and why dark leaf tobacco is not for everyone.

By now the hookah industry has become extremely fast-growing. And the number of manufacturers that produce all the stuff for your hookah has skyrocketed. That is why we have hundreds (and sometimes even thousands) of options which is usually a good thing. However, it may not be that fun for new hookah lovers. There is so much a new smoker needs to know that it may be quite confusing. And what professional hookah smokers should do is sharing their knowledge and experience. That’s exactly what we are doing on our site – helping newcomers to master the hookah.

Why is blonde leaf blonde?

The production method is what makes these two tobacco types so different. Blonde leaf is flue cured while dark leaf is air cured. But what makes blonde leaf blond is washing. Before curing leaves are soaked in water and washed. In the washing process, the nicotine level becomes lower and thus leaves end up being “lighter”.

Thanks to a gentle tobacco taste, added flavors in blonde leaves are more noticeable. And for most smokers, this is very important. Because what we love about hookah is the combination of the original tobacco taste and fruity flavors.

After washing leaves are cured which is a name for the drying process. The majority of blonde blends are flue cured. For flue curing special equipment is used in order to provide a constant hot air flow. The lightness and sweetness of blonde tobacco is more than perfect for new smokers. The thing is newcomers tend to have a low tolerance to nicotine. This is why this type of tobacco will be the most enjoyable.

How is dark tobacco made?

Blonde leaf tobacco is considered to be a traditional type of tobacco. While dark shisha is a new thing to the market. Despite the novelty, it is gaining more popularity each day. However, we would recommend it only for experienced smokers. You ask why? Dark leaf is the purest tobacco you can find and it is also unwashed. Since it is pure, it is extremely strong with a high nicotine level. It can actually make smokers sick if unused to its strength. However, smokers who specifically look for this strong sensation, love dark leaf tobacco.

Also, dark leaf tobacco is cured using a different procedure. Unlike the blonde leaf that is flue-cured, while the dark leaf is air-cured. This time similar equipment is used but without the heat element. The only thing that is important when air curing is a very good ventilation system. It helps to keep the curing process very slow.

How to pack your bowl with blonde leaf shisha

Yes, packing blonde leaf differs from packing dark tobacco. And blonde tobacco is the easiest one to deal with. It is just one more reason to choose this type of tobacco if you are a newcomer. Packing it is a piece of cake – just fluff it up and pack into the bowl lightly with no pressing it down. And make sure the tobacco layer is below the rim. Now enjoy.

Packing dark leaf requires some skills

Due to the production process, this type of tobacco is easy to burn if not packed or treated right. So let’s teach you how to pack it first. Make sure it is spread evenly in the hookah bowl. And then pack it down tightly by squishing it into the bowl. After you covered the hookah bowl with foil and fit the ends of it, it is time to poke holes in the foil layer. So when doing so, make sure you poke also through the tobacco content. It will help to create airways that will help to avoid fast burning of your shisha tobacco.

Using dark leaf tobacco also requires a constant heat management process. You will have to watch the hookah bowl at all times and be rotating the charcoals during the smoking session.

July 1, 2021

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