Electronic Shisha and Electronic Shisha Head – the future is already here

Electronic Shisha or E-Shisha is a relatively new thing on the market. Shisha smokers desiring to get a shisha -similar smoking experience but with less hassle pushed the shisha industry to innovate. The market had to come up with a fun on-the-go experience.

And it did come up with the following options – shisha pens and the electronic shisha head. The pens can be disposable and refillable. The hookah head is not an independent device. But it definitely makes shisha preparation so much easier. Excited? Let’s dig into the topic.

Electronic shisha has become extremely popular in the last few years. Although it is safe to say that this innovative device will never completely push traditional hookah off the market. But nevertheless, its popularity has exceeded expectations. Electronic shisha pens have lots in common with e-cigarettes. But usually they are shaped as shisha parts. For example, they can look like a shisha hose handle. Shisha mouth tip formed devices are quite common too.

These devices are pretty simple and do not require lots of preparation to get them going as compared to shishas. The mechanical part of e-shishas is very simple. An atomizer, a lithium battery and a cartridge that contains e-liquid. When this liquid gets warmed up, it turns into flavorful vapor that is safe for smokers and those around them.

They come in different sizes

There are different sizes of e-shishas. They can be quite big (considered classical e-shishas), pocket sized and pen-shaped. Their names say it all – you choose an e-shisha based on your preferences and needs. Many smokers want a really small e-shisha that they can carry anywhere. In this case, a pen-shaped one will be the perfect option. And if you want to own something perceptible by weight, go for the big sized ones.

As we have already mentioned, e-hookahs can be disposable and reusable. Disposable ones have a build-in cartridge that will give you around 800 puffs. After it runs out of e-liquid, it will be thrown away. Not really an environment friendly device, is it? While refillable ones will serve you as long as possible. Unless some part of it breaks down and cannot be fixed. We understand that one time use e-shishas have their advantages.

However, we believe it is smarter to use refillable ones. First, it will be cheaper in the end to buy one device that will be your favorite on-the-go shisha. Rather than to keep buying a new one each time. Second, there is too much plastic trash on landfills anyways. Third, you will never run out of puffs with your refillable electronic shisha. Just carry another cartridge of e-liquid in your bag if you think your old one is almost empty.

Benefits of electronic shishas

Besides being compact, electronic shishas can help people to fight nicotine addiction. The thing is e-liquids can be nicotine-free and nicotine-containing. So, getting an e-shisha would be a great way to start reducing nicotine use for heavy smokers. And even nicotine-containing liquids have a much lower nicotine content compared to cigarettes.

Also, compared to traditional shishas, e-hookahs have many advantages and they are easy to use. For example, you do not have to worry about packing the bowl or dropping sticky tobacco on the floor. Or accidentally dropping red charcoals on the carpet or the couch. And no need for cleaning the whole shisha apparatus when you are done with smoking. We all know that cleaning a shisha bowl after a hookah session is no an easy task.

Electronic shisha heads

Now we have come up to electronic shisha heads. They are considered a type of e-shishas, however, they are still a bit different. They are actually electronic shisha bowls that replace the top part of the shisha. Quite bulky with large batteries, they are put atop of a real shisha and act as a part of it. What you get is a traditional shisha session but with less troubles and less cleaning afterwards.

These e-shisha heads can be very high-tech. With digital screens on the top, they show lots of info about your smoking session. There are timers, a puff counter, a voltage adjustment option. WOW! None of us ever thought that enjoying shisha would ever become a low-hassle experience.

The future is here. What you have to do is to enjoy what it has to offer.

July 1, 2021

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