Is being a shisha server your dream job?

A shisha server is a shisha lounge specialist whose job is to do everything to make sure the apparatus works perfectly. And also to take care of the smokers. Often, shisha servers are perceived as bartenders or waiters. While not being either one or the other.

The shisha has been around for years and years. But a shisha server is still considered a new and unusual profession. Also, the only way to learn the art of serving shisha is to learn while actually doing the job. There are no shisha colleges as you know. However, some shisha courses might appear soon enough.

First, a shisha specialist takes orders from customers. To do that they need to be tremendously knowledgeable in everything about tobaccos and flavors. After that, they start actual preparation for the shisha session. Making sure the shisha is all checked up and working, packing the bowl, lighting charcoals. After the smoking session starts, the main task is to monitor the process so that it is smooth and enjoyable.

Oh, and also all the cleaning is obviously the shisha server’s responsibility. That is why smoking shisha in a shisha bar is so easy and hassle-free.

Having deep knowledge about shisha and tobaccos is a must. But being able to communicate with customers is even more important. Shisha servers need to be able to give advice to beginners while listening to their wishes and likings. And, to able to deal with possible criticism of more experienced customers is not easy. These customers might even be more knowledgeable than shisha servers themselves.

For example, below you can see what a usual shisha server job description looks like.

The requirements:

  • being deeply knowledgeable of all shisha types and models to be able to operate them
  • knowing all varieties of hookah tobacco blends to be able to recommend the perfect blend for the case
  • greeting customers efficiently and take shisha orders
  • preparing shishas and maintain them during the duration of each table
  • providing top quality professional customer service
  • cleaning and maintenance of the shishas
  • being charismatic and being able to work as a team player
  • keeping a clean and organized work area
  • stocking and keeping inventory of all supplies

And there is another very important requirement. Since a shisha server has to start hookahs for customers, it will mean smoking lots and lots of shisha. So, liking and being able to smoke shisha regularly is obligatory.

How to become a shisha server

As of right now, there are no specialty learning courses that would help to master all the skills for managing shisha. That is why you can become a shisha server only if you have been smoking shisha a lot yourself. And if you are willing to keep practicing and improving at this interesting job. Below there are a few tips that will help you to get more prepared. Before applying for this job, you can do some “homework”. Most of the skills you will need to have at the time of the interview can be practiced at home.

So, let’s get started

  1. You always need to keep yourself in shape. Even slight dehydration, lack of sleep or malnutrition may result in dizziness, headaches or even fainting.
  2. You need to know large number of techniques and nuances, not only theoretically, but also practically. There is no chance that remote learning or reading theoretical information will help.
  3. You need to master how to pack the bowl really-really quick and neatly. This skill can only be acquired by practicing. For now, you might as well practice at home. Just invite your friends over and practice shisha server skills on them. Start practicing how to assemble, pack and disassemble shishas. It might take you awhile, especially if you are not a regular smoker now.
  4. Start learning as much information as possible about shisha tobaccos – types, flavors, and their particular qualities. Even if you cannot buy them all at once to try them, you will at least know all the brands and types.
  5. After you have a deep theoretical knowledge about tobaccos, it is time to expand your horizons by trying different tobaccos at home. You need to know which tobaccos are more heat-resistant. And which ones are very soft and then will just burn out if charcoals are too hot. Also, some separate tobacco flavors can be mixed to get an incredibly unique flavor. However, this skill is quite difficult to acquire.
July 1, 2021

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