Large or Small Shishas – which one is better

Large or Small Shishas? Well, this question always bothers new shisha lovers. Especially when they decide to buy their own shisha for home use. At this point most people get confused and feel lost. Moreover, they spend their free time reading all the articles on this topic available.

We have great news! Now you do not need to waste your time. While we are going to answer all questions on this popular topic in just one article. SHISHA Team has researched lots of information and tested every aspect ourselves. So you will save time on reading all the Internet. You are welcome!

Difference between large and small shishas

Of course, large and small shishas do differ. However, these differences are so minor that only a small percentage of very experienced shisha users will be able to detect them.

Myths or rumors about different shisha sizes

But now we will be talking about the most widespread myths or rumors about the differences between small and large shishas. We trust science, not fiction. So we will debunk those popular myths with the help of science and logic.

Myth #1

The myth #1 is coming here. Interesting that the large shishas deliver cooler smoke than small ones due to the shaft length. However, that’s not true at all. The first thing you need to think about is that the smoke travels not just through the shaft. But also through the water and the hose. The smoke does get cooled just a little bit while going through the shaft. On the contrary, the main part in cooling it down is done by the water.

So, the answer is clear. It is the temperature of the water which determines on how cool the smoke will be.

Myth #2

The myth #2 says that large shishas provide you with easier draws than small ones. Nothing about this point is true. A distance that air has to travel when going through a channel would affect the suction force. But only if this distance is a couple of meters. Since the difference between large and small shishas is usually only several tens of centimeters. And it will not affect the suction force that you need to apply while smoking.

The only thing that can affect the suction force is the width of the air channel. First of all we are talking about the air that goes though. Since the width of the down stems and hoses of such shishas are basically of the same size. There is no way you will need to draw the smoke with more efforts. If you have a small shisha. So this myth has been debunked as easily as the first one.

Myth #3

The myth #3. Large shishas make more smoke than small ones. The truth is the size of shisha has nothing to do with the amount of smoke produced. The smoke quantity is defined by the quality. Secondly, by the tobacco sort. As well as the charcoals and the bowl set up. Moreover, by the way all these components interact with each other and with your shisha.

Pros and cons of small and large shishas

Since we are talking the advantages and disadvantages of small and large shishas, the biggest disadvantage of large shishas is that they get knocked over a lot. It was quite surprising for us that so many people rate this fact as the main disadvantage of large shishas. Also you will need to spend more time to clean a large shisha. Than, for example, to clean a small shisha. Because of longer shaft.

However, large shishas might look more authentic to those who want to stick to more traditional ways of enjoying shisha. While small shishas are quite easy to clean. Moreover, to store and take it with you wherever you go.

That’s it. The myths have been successfully debunked. As a result, the pros and cons have been put out for you. Thus, now we know that size doesn’t matter. It means you can choose a shisha that is right for you. Large or small. Only convenience matters here.

March 2, 2021

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