Natural Shisha Charcoals or Quick Light ones?

Today we will be talking about natural shisha charcoals and quick lighting ones. Mainly about their strong and weak sides. Especially, this article will be useful for beginners who are making their first steps into the shisha world. Therefore, for those who want to know more.

Sometimes the more options we have, the more confused we get when we need to make a decision. The situation is the same with the shisha industry. There are too many different types of shishas and accessories. That is why it is easy to get lost.

What natural shisha charcoals are

There are a few types of natural charcoals. They can be coconut coals. Or, for example, bamboo and orangewood. In addition, lemonwood coals.

However, the coconut natural charcoals are most commonly used. They are made from coconut shells and husk at coconut farms. The leftover shells are made into charcoal. After that they are compressed into the final product. So that charcoal is pressed, for instance, into cubes. Or flat squares and circles. Actually, there are many other different shapes.

By the way, there are specific circular shaped coconut coals. They were designed to fit into the Kaloud Lotus*.

*Kaloud Lotus is a heat management device that replaces foil.

Quick lighting coals

These charcoals can be made from various sources of charcoal. But they always have some additional elements in them. For instance, binders and chemicals including special flammable agents. Those can be sulfur or benzene. Thanks to all these additives, quick lighting coals take just a minute or so to light up. And to reach the needed temperature for the shisha which can be very useful for many smokers.

Now since we know what each type of charcoal is made from, we switch to discussing pros and cons of them both.

Natural shisha coals – the pros

  • Since they are natural without any chemicals added, these coals burn longer. Another advantage is that they give steady temperature. Thus, the shisha tobacco will be burning evenly.
  • Natural coals burn longer. Moreover, you will not have to replace them often during one shisha session. So you are basically saving money using them.
  • While these are completely natural coals, they will not affect or change the taste of your favorite tobacco.
  • Unlike quick lighting charcoals, natural ones come in so many sizes and shapes. Therefore, all shisha lovers will find the exact size and form of the coals they prefer.
  • These coals are the best ones ever. Especially, if you have heat management devices for your shisha. For example, the Kaloud Lotus.

Natural shisha coals – cons

  • To light up natural coals, you will need a single coil electric heater. A simple butane lighter will not help you here. Because you need a consistent source of heat.
  • These charcoals need more time to light up and heat. From 5 to 10 minutes.

Now we will talk about quick lighting charcoals analyzing the pros and cons.

Quick lighting coals – pros

  • Quick lighting coals light up very quickly. Well, that’s why they are called so, right? To use them, you do not need a consistent heat source. Because they contain a special chemical to accelerate the process. Usually it is sulfur. You will be able to light these ones up with an old plain lighter.
  • It takes just up to 1 minute to heat these coals. When it is time to replace the burnt-out coals with new ones, you will be able to perform this operation quickly and easy.

Quick lighting coals – cons

  • These charcoals are less compressed than natural ones. So when burnt out, they turn in quite a messy powdery ash. That is why it is harder to pick up and remove or replace it.
  • The biggest con for many shisha lovers is a clear flavor that these coals give off. Some shisha smokers say they sense a charcoal flavor intertwining with their favorite tobacco flavor. While others claim these coals adding a slight chemical flavor. That is not welcomed at all.
  • Quick lighting coals burn out faster than natural ones. So you will need more of them for one shisha session.
  • Since they burn out so fast, they can not be used for heat management devices.

After having read all the information above, it may seem that quick lighting coals are bad choice. No, they are not that bad. They just serve a specific purpose – to light up quickly. So you can use them if you are traveling. Or you are planning a shisha session outdoors for quite a few friends. And if you just do not have a coil heater. For all other occasions it is better to use natural ones.

March 2, 2021

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