Shisha Etiquette

Do we need to learn anything about shisha etiquette? Definitely! Shisha has become a very common thing. So sometimes we forget that this smoking tradition actually came from the Middle East. Moreover, it is more than just smoking. Smokers gather not only to enjoy a flavorful smoke. They get together to enjoy interaction with the people that surround them while appreciating the life itself.

Since smoking shisha is a group activity, there are some rules that should be followed. Sure, if you are smoking with your family members, you do not have to strictly follow these rules. However, if you are going to your friends’ place, you’d better follow at least the very basic courtesy rules.

Share the experience with everyone around – pass the hose

Even if it is your shisha and all your friends are at your house. Share the hose with everyone participating in the smoking session and do not exclude anyone. Remember – shisha should be about community and interaction with people around you.

Do not put the hose on the ground – follow shisha etiquette

Sometimes it might seem like a good idea to put the hose on the floor if you want to take a break from smoking. Or if the person that was next to you is not back from the washroom yet. However, it is a bad idea. Firstly, the mouthpiece will touch the floor which is wrong for many reasons. Secondly, even despite the fact that the hose is long enough to be rested on the floor, someone might stumble over the hose and tip over the shisha. No one wants this kind of fun.

The rotation is important

Rotation is important in accordance with the general rules of shisha etiquette. So that every participant of the shisha session could get equal chances to smoke the shisha. Of course, anyone from the circle can skip his/her turn. If they choose to do so. Because again – smoking shisha is about unity and equality.

Cap your hose when not using it

This rule should be followed when smoking from a multi-hose shisha without an auto-seal function. If at some point you stop smoking, you should cap your hose using your thumb. If your hose is open when you are not using it, it will work basically as a leakage of air.

Smoking cigarettes with shisha as a violation of shisha etiquette

Cigarettes should not be smoked around people smoking shisha. Lighting cigarettes using shisha charcoals. Or leaving the cigarettes ash in the shisha tray. To sum up, it is a big misdoing not only in the Middle East. But not acceptable anywhere else.

Small tips for the very traditional shisha session

These rules are very traditional and are strictly followed in the Middle East. You do not have to follow them. However, we are giving them here just as interesting facts.

  1. The shisha is always placed on the floor or on a very low table. So that the top of the shisha would be lower than the heads of the smokers. The reason is very simple. Since the shisha is the servant to the smokers, so it can not be put on a higher level than the people.
  2. The hose should be held only with the right hand. The left hand is considered not clean in the Middle East.
  3. Before you pass the hose to the next person, you need to turn the tip of the hose towards yourself. While pointing at other people is considered rude.
March 2, 2021

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