Shisha tobacco Ali Fakter – Cherry

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The shisha tobacco Ali Fakter Cherry is very popular among hookah admires. The Emirate’s tobacco by Ali Fakter has a rich cherry taste with a mild aftertaste. The tobacco Ali Fakter Cherry differs from other berry tobaccos in a harmonious combination of the ripe cherries sweetness with the delicate sourness, which gives the flavor a pleasant sweetness that will certainly appeal to shisha fans.

Its exceptional taste does not need other components. However, as before, we at SHISHA recommend not to be afraid and be creative. For example, mixes with Vanilla, Mint or Cappuccino are excellent.

To confirm our hypothesis, we offer all our customers to try to create their own author’s mixes! Our team will certainly be waiting for your feedback and impressions. You can always share with us by means of social networks, as well as by calling us or writing an email.

Minimum batch of tobacco: 1 ton (1000 kg.)

Price: is decided individually


Shisha tobacco Ali Fakter – Cherry

Shisha tobacco Ali Fakter with Cherry Flavor

Ali Fakter from the United Arab Emirates has many fans around the world because its quality products and reasonable prices. Moreover, tobacco products and accessories of this brand are sold all over the world. It is noteworthy that in any cafe or shisha shop, Ali Fakter products are certainly presented. Of course, in the United Arab Emirates, all shisha servers use only them. And do you know why?

The answer is obvious and such popularity is well deserved. Since the tobaccos by Ali Fakter unite only the best taste and characteristics. In other words, they own everything that should be in an ideal smoking blend. During production, tobaccos are soaked. Also, tobacco leaves are finely chopped. As a result, there is virtually no debris in tobacco products.

The shisha tobacco Ali Fakter with the taste of Cherry is perfectly smoked alone so that you experience the sweet and sour berries flavor with a light bitterness.

Specifications – Tobacco Ali Fakter

Tobacco tasteCherry
Producer Ali Fakter
Country of Origin United Arab Emirates (UAE)
CompositionNatural flavoring, Molasses, Virginia Tobacco, Glycerin


The SHISHA company is occupied in the supply of shisha tobaccos, coals and other accessories at wholesale, directly from the manufacturers based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). On the customers’ requests, we can purchase and ship tobacco goods and accessories to the stated country with full logistic and customs support.

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