Shisha tobacco Ali Fakter – Frosty Two Apples

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The success of Ali Fakter shisha tobaccos – Frosty Two Apples is obvious. The manufacturer skillfully has conveyed the natural taste of two apples and an incredible chill. Delicious smoke from spicy anise saturates the atmosphere with lightness that everyone will like.

Moreover, all Ali Fakter tobaccos are ideal for creating your own tobacco compositions for shisha. No exception is Frosty Two Apples. It, as well as possible, will be combined in various mixes. For example, with Banana, Mint to give it a stronger refreshing effect or Strawberry to make the aroma more sweet.

To confirm our hypothesis, we offer all our customers to try to create their own author’s mixes! Our team will certainly be waiting for your feedback and impressions. You can always share with us by means of social networks, as well as by calling us or writing an email.

Minimum batch of tobacco: 1 ton (1000 kg.)

Price: is decided individually


Shisha tobacco Ali Fakter – Frosty Two Apples

Shisha tobacco Ali Fakter with Frosty Two Apples Flavor

The tobaccos by Ali Fakter are among the most popular shisha tobacco products in the world. First of all, they own an incredible amount of advantages. Firstly, we are talking about fine-cut of tobacco leaves. It is further appreciated for its excellent consistency and humidity. They are also characterized with rich aroma, including an unsurpassed aftertaste.

By the way, in order to get the right flavor, the producer uses high-quality Virginia tobacco leaves. At the beginning, they are prepared in accordance with the ancient recipes and modern technology. As a result, when you buy tobacco and accessories of Ali Fakter, you get not only premium quality, but also the affordable price. The producer provides it to popularize the shisha smoking tradition. Importantly, the company offers a wide range. These are just some of the main advantages. Therefore, we advise you to try flavored tobaccos of this Arab brand. Since it is impossible to list all the benefits of Ali Fakter.

It is worth pointing out that Ali Fakter with the flavor of Frosty Two Apples belongs to shisha tobaccos, which has appeared in the line relatively recently. But it has already become a bestseller.

Specifications – Tobacco Ali Fakter

Tobacco tasteFrosty Two Apples
Producer Ali Fakter
Country of Origin United Arab Emirates (UAE)
CompositionNatural flavoring, Molasses, Virginia Tobacco, Glycerin


The SHISHA company is occupied in the supply of shisha tobaccos, coals and other accessories at wholesale, directly from the manufacturers based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). On the customers’ requests, we can purchase and ship tobacco goods and accessories to the stated country with full logistic and customs support.

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от 1000 кг.