Shisha tobacco Ali Fakter – Gum

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The shisha tobacco Ali Fakter – Gum has a rich refreshing taste of everyone’s favorite mint gum Orbits. This tobacco will be especially good in the summertime, since a pleasant chill is clearly felt on the exhale.

The tobacco Gum is good both by itself and in combination with various tobaccos of the Ali Fakter company. The SHISHA’s experts recommend to try it in combination with, for instance, Blueberries or Strawberry.

To confirm our hypothesis, we offer all our customers to create their own author’s mixes! Our team will certainly be waiting for your feedback and impressions. You can always share with us by means of social networks, as well as by calling us or writing an email.

Minimum batch of tobacco: 1 ton (1000 kg.)

Price: is decided individually


Shisha tobacco Ali Fakter – Gum

Shisha tobacco Ali Fakter with Gum Flavor

The company Ali Fakter from the UAE has been producing tobacco and accessories for many years. Moreover, the success of the company lies in continuous improvement and also in the search for new interesting flavors and aromas.

First of all, the range of products is constantly expanding. On the other hand, the highest quality and affordable price policies remain unchanged. Among the traditional tastes, the following are most popular. For example, tobaccos such as: Grape, Mint, Watermelon. Including Melon, Berry and Blueberry. And, of course, Cherry, Peach, Grapefruit. For many, these tobaccos are forever a favorite.

Gum flavored tobacco once again shows that Ali Fakter keeps up with the times, creating new products that are becoming best sellers.

Specifications – Tobacco Ali Fakter

Tobacco tasteGum
Producer Ali Fakter
Country of Origin United Arab Emirates (UAE)
CompositionNatural flavoring, Molasses, Virginia Tobacco


The SHISHA company is occupied in the supply of shisha tobaccos, coals and other accessories at wholesale, directly from the manufacturers based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). On the customers’ requests, we can purchase and ship tobacco goods and accessories to the stated country with full logistic and customs support.

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