Shisha buzz – what to do?

Some shisha smokers report feeling “funny” during or after the smoking session. Most often the reported symptoms are light headedness, headache. Also nausea or even pain in the chest. We will call all those symptoms a shisha buzz. And despite the fact that sometimes the shisha buzz symptoms may be pretty strong, they are still considered normal.

Disclaimer – It is usually normal to experience light shisha buzz symptoms. But you should see a doctor if you feel something is a bit off. Make sure your doctor really listens to what you have to say. Be your own advocate and insist on medical tests to check the vitals.

So, the shisha buzz is quite normal for most people, especially for beginners. Each person has a different level of nicotine tolerance, so may react to shisha tobacco way differently.

However, the good news is that in most cases the shisha buzz can be prevented or successfully dealt with.

Shisha sickness causes and how to avoid them

Smoking shisha on an empty stomach

Being hungry or not having enough food before a shisha session is one of the main reasons of the shisha buzz. The meal you eat before heading out for a shisha party should be hearty and nutritious. Something more substantial than a chocolate bar or an apple.


We all know how important water is for our bodies. When it comes to smoking shisha, it is even more important. Drinking plenty of fluids will also keep your heart rate healthy.

So, make sure to drink much liquid before, during and after smoking. It can be either water, tea, or milk. But you should avoid drinking coffee while smoking shisha. Even though it is the most popular and traditional “shisha” drinks in Turkey. Coffee is well-known for its ability to remove water from the body.

Low quality shisha charcoal

Yes, shisha charcoal really matters. If you really care about your health, use natural charcoals. They can be made from coconut shells, lemon or orange trees. What is important is that they contain absolutely no chemical additives. We are sure you do not want toxic matters in your lungs, so just use natural ones.

Heat management mistakes can also have a negative impact

Natural charcoals can take a while to light up, so you need to be patient. They need to be evenly heated before you put them on the foil.

Also excessive amount of coals used for tobacco heating can lead to headaches, dizziness or sore throat. Just use 2-3 pieces of charcoal. Spread them out making sure they are not located in the very center of the shisha bowl.

Smoking shisha in a room with improperly functioning ventilation system or without one is a health threat

This is extremely important! When many people smoke shisha in a small premises, smoke and gases that are released when charcoals are burnt tend to accumulate within that area. That is why you have to choose a smoking area that is well ventilated and not crowded.

Quality of tobacco really matters

We all know that smoking is not the healthiest habit ever. It can have a negative effect on the body. So, in order to minimize this negative effect, we should at least use very high quality tobaccos. Trust only responsible tobacco manufacturers who have high standards of production control on all stages. Only choosing the best tobacco brands you can protect your health.

What to do if you did feel unwell after smoking

If you start having unwell during or after smoking shisha, that’s what you need to do. Go outside and sit down. Sitting down is very important especially if you feel dizzy. Otherwise, you might faint. Make sure to drink as much fluid as you can. It will help to normalize your heart rate. Also, a good idea is to take vitamin C or eat fruits with high vitamin C content – it helps the body to restore normal functioning.

July 1, 2021

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